How FullStack Supports Employee Experience


Employee experience is a hot topic for businesses in 2019, and is becoming an increasingly important asset. 

In one of our August blogs, we featured a company that is focused on improving employee engagement, Emplify. Emplify understands how vital the employee experience is to the success of a business and has built a product to help companies measure and improve it.

In this week’s blog, we want to highlight the employee experience of some awesome people who work at FullStack client companies. 

FullStack offers a variety of different services to our clients to improve their employee experience. Darcy Lee from one of our clients Metonymy Media, shares how FullStack’s benefits have improved her family’s life: “FullStack’s benefits offerings have been a great improvement for me and my family from what we had before, and we now have the addition of Dental, Vision, and HSAs.  And, it’s much easier to manage everything on every level with FullStack. All of this leads to a better workplace experience for me and our team!” 

 At Fullstack, we focus on our client’s employees practical payroll & benefits needs  so that leaders can focus on scaling your business. Drew Kincius from beLithe emphasized this point when we talked with him: “One of the grandest stressors for a small business owner: how to be able to adequately provide the benefits that employees need and deserve without going broke. Enter FullStack: with their comprehensive, turnkey HR solutions, they provide incredible support and results, the piece of mind that HR is being done right, not just “good enough.” The team at FullStack is responsive and thoughtful and  truly invested in the success of their participating organizations. FullStack allows companies to focus on what’s most important: thriving by growing the business.”

 A third testimonial comes from Casey Bolsega from Powderkeg. He says “One of the coolest parts of working with FullStack was how seamless the onboarding process is. I really felt like I was part of the company before I even joined.” Check out the video below for more of Casey’s thoughts about FullStack! 


 An important component of FullStack’s mission is to support our clients to create and improve the best employee experience possible. Interested in learning how FullStack can support your employee experience? Schedule a quick call with us!