What Keeps Employees Motivated?

As a business owner, understanding how to attract and retain top talent is vital to growth. Compensation and benefits are key motivators for employees, but is that enough? Motivated employees are invigorated – teams are high functioning, communication is good, and projects are completed. What can leaders do to keep their employees motivated? FullStack did the research – here are three ways companies can increase motivation.

  1. Build a Community – In a 2014 study from TINYpulse, peer motivation/camaraderie was the number one reason employees went above and beyond at work. Developing a sense of community within an organization can make the good times better and the crises manageable. One way to start this process is by encouraging your team to endorse and advocate for one another. Having team members tout the successes of their teammates can create a sense of group accomplishment and drive the team to motivate one another towards continued success.

  2. Encourage Professional Development – Investing in the professional growth of your employees can have a big impact on the overall health of a company. Organizations that have professional development programs have a 34% higher retention rate. This means not only are employees being better trained for their jobs, but companies have the opportunity to grow leaders in their own spaces. Beyond offering reimbursements or stipends for educational training, companies should create professional development opportunities within their organization. This could include leadership seminars, professional development book clubs, and mentoring programs. Click the link to learn more about FullStack’s talent services, which include quarterly workshops for emerging leaders and culture coaching.

  3. Focus on Impact – Understanding the impact one has on the overall growth of a company can be an incredible motivator for employees. This is an area where companies can easily fail in motivating their teams. Allowing for opportunities where employees can share their ideas and leave their mark on the overall company can increase employee’s drive to be innovative as well as develop new projects for the organization. Beyond open communication, companies need to ensure mission, vision, and purpose are regularly referenced and practiced. Without understanding the “why”, how can employees be motivated to help the company grow?

Happy and motivated employees should be one of the most important aspects of a company, but knowing how to benefit them beyond the necessities can sometimes be challenging. Understanding how community, professional development, and the impact can lead to more motivated employees will allow leaders to connect more with their team and create a culture of motivation within their company.


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