Best Apps and Services for Employer Branding

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of employer branding for a company to attract the best candidates. This could be a new concept to many leaders and managers, making finding the right tools to implement an employer brand key to its success. The team at FullStack has assembled a list of apps that will help your company improve relations with current and future employees.


While communication apps are becoming increasingly popular with companies, Slack is one of the more popular options. Slack allows for multiple channels, allowing for teams and topics to be discussed separately as well as video and voice messages. Communication is key for a positive workplace culture, making Slack and other communication apps a great asset for your employer brand, especially for an increasingly remote workforce.


iAspire helps executives build a culture of growth in their organization. They do this by clarifying your growth culture strategy on what’s most important, sustaining your focus on employee experiences that lead to growth, and measuring the results of employee behavior over time. 


Proper learning and development is a key component for successful employees and teams. Knowing a company takes their training seriously can boost your organization’s employer brand. Lessonly helps with a robust learning & development software tailored to your company. It also offers practice for employees in order to improve their skill sets in a safe environment. This Indianapolis-based company is a great asset for any organization.


More companies are considering the entirety of their employees’ well-being. Mental health is one aspect of overall health, and offering services to help employees maintain their brain can give your employer brand a leg up on the competition. One great app that offers mental well-being is Headspace. Their offerings are vast and include guided meditation, educational information, and more.