Interview with Kristen Nunery from myCOI

Not long ago, FullStack’s Daniel Fuller connected with Kristen Nunery on the Savage to Sage podcast. Kristen is the founder of myCOI – a SaaS company whose software manages certificates of insurance as well as insurance compliance for companies. The company has a service called myCOI Central, which allows organizations utilizing the program to track their certificates of insurance.

The interview highlighted the importance of tech companies building an intentional culture for their team, so we wanted to highlight it here.

The Company’s Why

Kristen emphasized how important it is that her team understands the company “why?”  Kristin’s reason stems from a traumatic incident that happened to her family and realizing her parents did not have the right insurance to cover their losses. Having her team understand why the company was founded and why they do what they do helps them keep perspective when it comes to interacting with clients and developing the software.  Kristen says, ‘It took us to a deeper level of what it means to ‘get it’.” To ensure this part of their culture continues, Kristen weaves it into their hiring and interview process.

“212 Degree Team”

Speaking of teams, Kristen talked about the idea of a 212 degree team. To explain: 212 degrees is the temperature at which water boils – this is momentum created. At myCOI, a 212 degree team is one that instills their ideals of effective communication, transparency, willingness to accept your accountability, being able to stretch yourself, and recognizing the power of being a high performing team vs. a team of high performers. Having this idea in place both for current employees and potential candidates helps set up their successful culture that carries over to their success as a company.

Culture = Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes

Kristen went on to explain to her, a culture is a combination of the beliefs and attitudes of the people within it. This is especially relevant to small and “young” teams who are working closely and learning together. Often, these core values are created by the leadership involved within the organization and remain in place as the company grows. “It was a journey to find something that felt right for us and make it real,” Kristen explains. “You have to be intentional with how you’re bringing that into the organization and how you’re fostering that.” Kristen and her team at myCOI have five core values that shape the company – unite at one, reach, own it, choose positive, and innovate. These values distill down to the 212 degree team of being one of coming together to grow and evolve while also recognizing the individuals need to take responsibility and foster growth.

Watch Kristin’s fantastic interview here: Youtube Video Here!