Powderkeg’s Unvalley Conference

December 17th starts Powderkeg’s Unvalley Conference, which will focus on connecting individuals in tech between the coasts. From founders looking to grow their company to new entrants into the tech community seeking opportunities, this conference will check all the boxes. Speakers include Alice Vilma, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, Scott Jones, Founder and Director of Eleven Fifty Academy, and Santiago Jaramillo, CEO and Co-Founder of Emplify.

What is the idea behind “Unvalley”? As many in tech know, the old adage that everything happens in Silicon Valley or New York leaves a lot of the remainder of the U.S. to be unremarked by investors and tech companies. Many in the Midwest and other areas of the country know this isn’t true – there’s a great deal of potential “between the coasts”. In a recent article by AreaDevelopment, the top twenty states for doing business included Tennessee (#2), Indiana (#7), and Ohio (#9). The measures for this study included cost of doing business, incentives, and other metrics. There are plenty of benefits to seeking other areas of the country to start or continue your tech business, and this study highlights those benefits.

Beyond incentives for doing business in other areas of the U.S., tech companies should also see the potential of funding and investors in areas beyond California and New York. In recent news, Shoulder Innovations out of Holland, MI announced its equity financing of $21.6M. This shows the ability to invest at anyplace in the U.S. There are also great opportunities in venture funds and firms, such as Indiana’s own High Alpha, which started in 2015 with $35M to invest in cloud firms. Their current portfolio includes Lessonly, TinderBox, and others.

There are also countless opportunities for employment in tech between the coasts. Powderkeg regularly shares companies seeking talented individuals

The Unvalley Conference hosted by Powderkeg will certainly be a great opportunity for any and all interested in tech. Listen to amazing speakers and network with others in the tech industry on December 17th and 18th. Learn why there’s so much potential “between the coasts”.