For nearly five years, FullStack PEO has been partnering with startups and small businesses throughout the Midwest, providing strategic human resource administration and support with the goal of allowing founders and management the ability to focus on growth. Recently, our company’s leadership held a strategic planning session to consider how the company has experienced its own development and change since FullStack’s founding. From this reflection, our mission and values statements were updated. Our team has had some tremendous growth, and our new focus considers where we’ve come and what we hope to accomplish for both our company and our clients. 

FullStack’s new mission statement reads: Crafting a human experience for employees, owners, and organizations. 

Our values:

  • Transparent – Our default setting is to be direct and open with each other and our clients. We strive for clear and actionable communication.

  • Reliable – We deliver on and live up to our commitments we make to each other and our clients.

  • Humble – No room for egos; receptive to difficult feedback.

  • Passionate – We reflect a deep caring for humans and the way they develop and thrive. 

Dawn Lively, Co-Founder and CEO said this about our new mission and values statements; “When we started FullStack, Mike Kelly (Co-Founder) and I went into an offsite conference room for an afternoon and knocked out our mission, vision, and values in late 2017/early 2018. It was the easiest meeting I’d ever been in to work through them – We aligned completely on what we valued as we wanted to start our own unique PEO.”

She continues, “Fast forward to a few months ago, when it was time to revamp our 3 year plan. We had grown and our team agreed that the main tenets still remained, but we could tweak things slightly, and that became our mission, vision, and values of today for FullStack. They are ever present in our daily work lives, as we seek to offer our services with transparency and humility in mind, helping craft a truly human-focused experience with clients who we view as partners, and employees who we also view as partners. Our goal is to help them all grow, thrive, and succeed.”

FullStack has certainly seen some incredible growth – in 2021, we grew our revenue by 123%, have seen an almost 50% increase in clients, and have doubled the size of our team. These numbers show just how dedicated our team is to providing excellent services to our customers by truly being a partner for their human resource needs. 

Along with our updated mission and values statements, we’ve also revamped our website to better reflect our growth and direction – and to introduce our many new team members!

FullStack doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon – we plan on continuing to expand our team, provide excellent PEO services, and continue to bring on new partnerships with growing companies and their employees. 

Have any questions or want to learn more? Feel free to schedule a call with one of our team members to learn how FullStack PEO can help your company and employees.