Key Trends Affecting Talent Acquisition in 2023

What Are the Key Trends Affecting How Employers Find Talent in 2023?

2020 saw a major shift in employment, as people all over the country lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Then in 2021 came the Great Resignation: tired of working in dead-end jobs for little pay and little respect, workers began quitting en masse of their own accord.

The effects of both these events have continued to resonate throughout the workforce in 2022 and will likely cause a permanent shift in recruitment and hiring practices. With that in mind, what trends can you look for in 2023 for attracting new talent? Here are a few to keep in mind.

Internal Mobility

You don’t always have to scour the job market for new talent. More and more companies are opting to promote from within. If you have people on your team already who have been with you for a while, know the ins and outs of your company, and have proven their worth, it makes sense to give them an opportunity for advancement.

First, it’s often cheaper than onboarding someone new, and creates a smoother transition. Additionally, with employees still demonstrating that they’re not afraid to leave their jobs if they’re not getting what they need, passing someone over for a promotion they’ve worked hard for, in favor of bringing in someone new, could be the last straw for some workers. If it becomes clear that advancement isn’t in the cards at your company, they could leave and seek out a company where they’ll be more appreciated. Then you’ll find yourself with another position to fill. So before you go looking around for prospective new hires, look at your existing talent pool and see if there’s anyone who might be able to do the job.

Boomerang Hires

Just because someone leaves your company doesn’t automatically make it the end of the relationship. While the Great Resignation is marked by people storming out of their jobs in a blaze of glory, not everyone quits because they’re dissatisfied. Particularly during the pandemic, circumstances forced a lot of people to step away from jobs they were otherwise happy with.

But circumstances change. That’s why one of the hiring trends for 2023 is “boomerang hires” – bringing back employees who have worked with your company previously. Particularly if they’re in a different situation now, it may take a bit of negotiating to bring them back into the fold, but if you reach out to some of your favorite former employees, there’s a good chance at least some of them will be happy to return.


The Great Resignation has changed corporate culture in a number of ways. It helped employees realize that they didn’t have to stick around a job if they weren’t being treated properly. But it also showed employers what they needed to do if they wanted to fill those positions. Offering competitive salaries and flexible hours is more and more becoming the norm.

Allowing for remote work, at least part of the week, is another great incentive that’s becoming popular. 2020 proved that the tools exist for almost anyone to work remotely, and studies have shown that productivity doesn’t suffer as a result. If anything, it improves! And your prospective employees know this. If you want to bring them onboard, you’ll need to give them the flexibility they had when everyone was working from home.

These are just a few of the hiring trends that will dictate how you find new talent in 2023. The corporate world is changing, and most employees know it. If you want to bring new talent into your company, you’ll need to change too.