PEO Packages

We believe in simplicity, which is why our packages are straightforward and easy to understand.


The Starter Package includes all benefits below. 


The Plus Package includes all benefits included in the Starter Package as well as the benefits below.


As a FullStack customer, you may add the following items to your package to ensure your team has access to all of the support they need.

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Pricing FAQ

Our pricing is based on a variety of factors, including the locations of your employees, benefits rates, and compliance specifications of your industry. 

What is factored into the pricing for a PEO?

When identifying the price of your PEO services package, the following information is considered:

- Employee count
- Payroll frequency
- HR projects and services
- Geographic location of offices and employees

*Pricing factors for health insurance benefits are not reflected in the list above.

What are the contract terms for FullStack?

FullStack commits to 1 year or 3 year contracts with partners.

What is required of the customer for a PEO to be successful?

We believe that a successful PEO relationship is fueled by an active partner. An active partner is:

- A responsive and engaged communicator
-A collaborator with a perspective that enables a 'seat at the table'
- Transparent about business needs so we can fully serve your organization
- Is honoring of the human experience throughout the total employee lifecycle

Can I customize a pricing plan to fit my specific needs?

Yes! FullStack is committed to serving the organizations specific needs. During the sales process, you will work with a team member to scope out recurring services and projects that fit you best.

How does a PEO stack up to HR softwares like Gusto or Rippling?

An HR software is used to aid HR functions, but it doesn’t fully service the employee lifecycle and still leaves many tasks and responsibilities to an in-house team member. Technology providers like Rippling, JustWorks, or Gusto enable the technical pieces of HR (payroll, benefits enrollment, W2 aggregation, etc.), but an employee is still administering all of that information in (and sometimes out of) that software for the organization. FullStack provides a total people solution that enables the technical AND people pieces of HR (onboarding, employee relations, benefits consultation, etc.).

Does FullStack offer any software solutions beyond the basics?

Yes! FullStack provides software solutions for the following:

- Performance management
- Employee engagement
- Timekeeping
- Applicant tracking

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